Why Use SolarTechnology?


Why Use Solar Technology?

There are numerous reasons to use Solar PV technology for your electricity needs, and over time, solar paneling will only get more and more desirable.

On a financial front, you can benefit by not only having a frozen rate of energy bills, but there is the potential to make money on excess electricity produced by the Solar PV technology, which you will be paid for. Furthermore, the value of your land/property can be vastly increased by the installation of these, meaning in the long term they are a worthwhile investment.

Environmentally, your carbon footprint is massively reduced meaning you're contributing to the future and sustainability of the planet. The Earth's reliance on Fossil Fuels goes down with every addition of Solar PV technology to the planet. 550 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide will be saved over 25 years with a Solar PV panel, and the electricity created is cleaner and greener.

Targets are met on an environmental basis as well. These include Part L of building regulations, Carbon Reduction Commitments, the Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method).

It is worth taking steps towards installing your Solar PV system now as well, with the government proposing that from August, the feed-in tariff would be reduced from 11% to 8% (although that is still a very good return rate).