Why U Energy

Here at U Energy, there are numerous aspects of our service which set us apart from the other Solar PV system installers.Our highly qualified engineers ensure that upon installation your system is soundly fitted, to give the customer piece of mind and better environment.

All of our fittings experts have many years experience working on roofs, and every team is led by a fully qualified project manager, who knows the process 'inside out,' meaning that your solar panels are in safe hands. Furthermore, with every Solar PV system fitted, a fully qualified electrician will ensure that your micro generator is attached to the grid safely, and in the case of solar thermal installations, an experienced plumber will be on hand to be certain that the connection to the hot water supply is efficient and most importantly, 100% safe to use.

The mounting system used is dependent on a few different variables, although for the majority of roofs there are little problems and it is a simple process. On some occasions, it is the case that the panels need to be customized to an extent, but this is no issue and our fully certified engineers can take care of this. What is also important is the design and structure of the panel itself, and we take the time with the customer to talk through what options there are, and how it can be installed best suited to their needs.

We only use the best quality manufacturers, and at any point, the customer is free to ask about any of the suppliers and/or parts utilized. We are so sure that the solar panels are of the very best quality, that every module we install has at least a 20 year guarantee, with most panels having a 25+ year guarantee. However, the likelihood is they will last much longer, with panels installed in Japan 40 years ago (hence without the technological advancements of today) still pumping out electricity, which concurrently means the modern technology will last at least as long, and likely a lot longer than the older models. We find it important that the customer takes pride in their solar system, and we are more than happy to on request provide testimonials from many customers that have used us in the past, and are delighted with their purchase off U Energy.