What is Solar PV?

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How Solar PV Works

Sunlight is turned into electricity with Solar PV panels. This works through the panels being attached to an inverter, which turns the generated DC (Direct Current) electricity into usable Alternating Current which can then be used in the home. The Solar PV is thus connected to the National Grid, and due to this, any surplus energy is sent back to the National Grid. In the same vein, when the Solar PV panel does not provide enough energy, this can then be drawn back from the Grid.


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Benefits of Solar PV

By having a Solar PV panel installed at your property, you are easily and effectively reducing your carbon footprint, and decreasing your energy bills for the next 25 years or more. The government's Cash-back incentive means you get a great return off it, and extra income can also be made through excess electricity. Due to the increasing popularity of Solar power, the value of your home can go up, and furthermore, the power generation means that you are protected from price hikes in energy bills in the coming years.


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Solar PV For My Home

Most homes in the UK are suitable for Solar PV installation, as all that is required is an unshaded roof that is within 90 degrees of facing South. A detailed free of charge site survey is available to all prospective customers to confirm that your home is suitable for Solar PV panel fitting. In this, measurements are taken, the roof structure is checked and electrics are inspected to ensure there will be no issues with the installation of the panel.

There is versatility in the ways that the Solar PVs can be fitted too, and they can be in or on-roof, mounted on a flat roof or on the ground or the process can be done through Solar tiling.


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Performance of the Solar PVs can be affected by the amount of light the photovoltaic cells receive, as they generate power from light from the sun. Shading across the Solar PVs will mean that less light hits the cells, and even though the panels are fitted with bypass diodes with the aim of nullifying the effect of shading to an extent, it could mean the output of the system in general is lessened.


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Investing In Your Solar PV

Because of the Government's 'Feed In Tariff,' you can now make more of a return off a Solar PV panel than a savings account. By generating green electricity, you are guaranteed a tax free income for 25 years.