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June 2015

Euro Garages choose U Energy

Starbucks Cleckheaton

The beginnings of what could be a very constructive and prosperous relationship with Euro Garages; one of the UK’s largest privately owned a forecourt operator has begun.

Euro Garages approached us keen to foster a relationship that would see U Energy install solar panel systems to many of their existing and future branches as they continue their company expansion. Uenergy was first tasked with installing a 40-module solar system on one of their Starbucks branches in Cleckheaton that all together would create an output of 10KW. Secondly we were given the task of installing a 30kW system on their Greggs branch just next door. 

As the business adds strategic partnerships with large brands such as BP, Shell, Starbucks and Greggs; Euro Garages are forging ahead with their rapid expansion and their plans to become a major player in the forecourt industry. 

U Energy were proud to help such a forward thinking company that realized the need to improve their energy efficiency and becoming more energy independent was key to the future growth of their business. 


February 2015

U Energy installed solar panels at BP Roundhay

The change has come!

U Energy provides more than it promises. In 2012, we took an initiative to setup solar panels at filling stations as filling station are best suited for solar panels. We did our first installation at a filling station near Pontefract. This installation was the first of it's kind that we are aware of, with special care being taken to ensure safe and secure installation through a system pioneered by U Energy.

Since then we are continuously working to install solar panels at filling stations. Recently we have installed solar panels at BP Roundhay, Leeds.The pay back calculation indicates that for this particular site the customer will save £425,199.03 over the next 20 years.

The sap calculation indicates that 71479 kwh per year is what the customer will generate from having the solar panels.The system size is 87kwp.

BP Roundhary Leads soalr installed

BP Roundary Leads solar panels instaleld


January 2015

PV For Schools

Here we have a deal to make best use of your school’s roof, saving the environment and financial savings.

U Energy has installed solar PV systems for a number of large and small schools and knows what works best. School buildings in the state typically have relatively large roofs that could allow for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems capable of generating a significant portion of their annual electricity needs and cutting off their energy expenditure.

We have also installed LED lighting through schools which work efficiently along with solar PV to greatly reduce routine costs and the substantial savings allows administrators to invest in critical academic priorities. “This project will make our schools more energy efficient, eco-friendly and better for our students to learn and grow.

If you would like to talk about solar PV or LED lighting for your school please reach out now.

Solar PV for schools

July 2014

U Energy offer G59, DNO Witness and PAT Testing

G59 Testing From G59 Testers uk

U Energy have established a new branch, G59 Testers, to provide commercial and industrial electrical services. With expertise in renewable specific testing, as well as installation and monitoring, we wanted to share our extensive experience.

G59 Testers is one of a limited number of companies qualified to offer G59 and DNO (Distribution Network Operator) Witness Testing, as well as general electrical testing including PAT (Portable Appliance Testing). Our experienced engineers are able to offer a comprehensive service to ensure compliance is maintained during electrical installation for projects of all sizes.

For more information or to send an enquiry, please take a look at our website - g59testers.co.uk

March 2014

Shell Spar Filling Station Installation

In 2013, U Energy installed a 29kW solar power system at Chellow Heights Filling Station near Bradford. The unique wave formation of the panels was calculated to give maximum yield on a sloping roof which would usually only have taken four rows of panels. The video shows the process, and a good overview of the site.

If you are interested in the installation of solar panels please get in touch. We are masters of the unconventional, and endeavour to ensure our bespoke systems maximise your returns.


August 2013

BP goes green with U Energy

solar panels for petrol stations uk

In late 2012, U Energy undertook their first installation of a solar power system on a BP petrol station situated along a busy main road leading into Ackworth, near Pontefract. It is estimated that the system's installation will result in a saving of around £16,300/year.

Solar is absolutely perfect for filling stations as electricity is being used day and night by the pumps and infrastructure. Significant savings are guaranteed. This installation was the first of it's kind that we are aware of, with special care being taken to ensure safe and secure installation through a system pioneered by U Energy.

Petrol Stations uk

U Energy Solar designed, supplied and installed the entire system, operating from their base in Huddersfield. The project saw a total of 727 square meters of solar panels, capable of producing more than 63,300 kilowatt hours of electricity per annum, installed across the canopy and store roof of the petrol station.

Petrol Stations uk

The project used more than a kilometer of DC cable and saw 295 panels installed using a Schletter mounting system. The system fed 4 SMA Sunny TriPower 15,000TL inverters and a single 12,000TL, installed indoors to convert the energy to a useful form.

During the design and consultation phase, the technical team from U Energy asessed the forecourt and in particular the roof and canopy structure, taking wing and weather into account, to create a system that would best capitalise on the station's location.

U Energy Director Farhan Gohir says "The Ackworth BP Station has made a huge, yet wise investment. The have made use of an existing asset - their roof space - to both create green energy and also make a significant saving on what was previously one of their largest expenses."

Petrol Stations uk

U Energy are now undertaking further installations with BP across Yorkshire and further afield, with a number of sites confirmed in the midlands. 

Petrol Stations uk

February 2012

U Energy Installs Solar PV for Amir Khan

Amir Khan has panels installed by U Energy UK

U Energy Solar have recently installed a 3.9kWp solar PV system for ex-Boxing Wold Light Welterweight Champion Amir Khan. Press release to follow soon.

Amir Khan Solar Installation 1 uk

Amir Khan Savings Graph uk

Amir Khan Solar Installation 2 uk

It is estimated that the installation will produce 3,425 kWh of power annually, resulting in a saving of £1318. Most importantly, the annual carbon benefit of the system will be 1.85 tonnes. 

Amir Khans Solar Panels uk

Amir Khan Solar Installation 3 uk

It's looking sunny for Solar!

The current situation with the Government Feed In Tariff is ever changing. The latest update comes in the form of a court ruling deeming the DECC's reduction of the feed in tariff in December 2011 to be unlawful. 
What does this mean?
• The proposal to reduce tariff rates for systems fitted after December 12, 2011 is illegal
• Feed-in tariffs will go back to the higher rates until March 3 – all systems completed after this date will receive the reduced tariffs from April 1, 2012
Government can now take its case to the Supreme Court (even though it lost at the Court of Appeal). This casts yet more uncertainty for installations completed between December 12, 2011 and March 3, 2012 because it is not yet clear whether the Government will in fact launch another appeal. However, it is thought that Government has already formally asked the Appeal Court for permission to take this matter to the Supreme Court.
DECC has confirmed that the minimum tariff will be 21p for those installing during this period. If Government decides not to appeal (or if it loses its appeal) then these installations will get the higher rates until March 3 and then the cut rates after April 1. 

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne said:
"The Court of Appeal has upheld the High Court ruling on FiTs albeit on different grounds. We disagree and are seeking permission to appeal to the Supreme Court.
“We have already put before Parliament changes to the regulations that will bring a 21p rate into effect from April for solar PV installations from March 3 to help reduce the pressure on the budget and provide as much certainty as we can for consumers and industry.
“We want to maximise the number of installations that are possible within the available budget rather than use available money to pay a higher tariff to half the number of installations. Solar PV can have strong and vibrant future in UK and we want a lasting FiTs scheme to support that future and jobs in the industry.”
The Appeal Court judges will make a decision on whether to grant permission in the next few days; if it is granted, the case can go to the Supreme Court. If permission is refused, Government would still have the fall-back option of applying to the Supreme Court itself for permission to appeal.
Industry is currently urging Government not to appeal to the Supreme Court as this is likely to prolong the uncertainty.


November 2011

The Feed In Tariff Reductions

Yesterday, the Government confirmed plans to make changes to the Clean Energy Cash Back scheme which has been the catalyst to the quick success of the solar industry since it's inception in 2008. The scheme, responsible for the feed in tariff, has meant that purchasing a solar power system was a low risk, high return investment for consumers. However, with a 50% reduction in the renumeration for the production of clean energy by solar technology, the decision to purchase seems much less clean cut. This is of great concern to U Energy Solar, as we are sure it is to our customers, and here we will take a look at the changes and what they mean for you.

Exactly what are the changes?

It is proposed that systems that are given MCS certification after December 12th 2011 will receive a reduced feed in tariff rate after April 1st 2012. The following table shows the proposed reduced rates:

Reduced Feed In Tariff - Table 

To clarify, if a system is installed before December 12th 2011 it will be unaffected by the changes. If it is installed between December 12th 2011 and April 1st 2012 it will initially receive the current rate until April 1st 2012 when it will receive the reduced rate. If it is installed after April 1st 2012 then it will always receive the reduced feed in tariff. 

Additional to this, from April 1st 2012, properties having a solar system installed must reach a certain level of energy efficiency to receive a feed in tariff. Although not yet confirmed, it is expected that this will be Energy Performance Level C.

Reduced feed in tariff - Energy Efficiency Certificate

This will be implemented gradually with systems installed after April 1st 2012 but before March 31st 2013 being given a grace period of 12 months to make sure their level is up to the required standard.  

These industry-wide changes will obviously have a massive effect on the uptake of solar, but they are not unexpected and have not been put into place without good reason. Following the massive boom in solar installations, with the installation count doubling month on month, there is no way that the current feed in tariff could be maintained without detrimental effects on users of regular energy sources.

U Energy have measures in place to deal with as many customers as possible in the short time frame we have been given, to ensure that everybody can make the most from their solar power system. If you are interested in having a survey with the intention of installing prior to the feed in tariff increase then please get in touch now on 033 33 55 1000.


October 2011

U Energy Wind Launched

U Energy Group Launches U Energy Wind uk

Our ever expanding U Energy Group has today launched U Energy Wind.

U Energy Wind are a specialist supplier and installer of small to medium scale wind turbines for residential and commercial applications. All of the turbines are independently tested and fully certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and are therefore eligible to receive the UK Government's Feed In Tariffs (FITs). 

For more information see our new website at uenergywind.co.uk or call us on 033 33 55 1000. 

October 2011

Greenometer - Judge the Government

U Energy Solar - Judge The Government UK

In May of lasy year, David Cameron pledged that our colaition government would be the "Greenest" ever. Here, the Guardian looks at what this means and how well the government are doing in achieving this goal. 

September 2011

Coventry Cathedral To Install Solar

Coventry Cathedral To Install Solar uk

Staff at Coventry Cathedral are currently applying for planning permission to install 178 solar panels on their roof, taking up over 200 square metres. Being a grade 1 listed building, if the 50kW system is approved this will provide hope for anybody hoping to have solar panels installed on other protected buildings within the UK.

This comes soon after the news that the Vatican have installed a system consisting of over 2000 panels - more information can be found here

August 2011

13 Year Old Branches Out Into Solar Power

domestic solar panels uk,

While most 13-year-olds spend their free time playing video games or cruising Facebook, one 7th grader in he US was trekking through the woods uncovering a mystery of science. After studying how trees branch in a very specific way, Aidan Dwyer created a solar cell tree that produces 20-50% more power than a uniform array of photovoltaic panels. His impressive results show that using a specific formula for distributing solar cells can drastically improve energy generation. A rare find in the field of technology and a fantastic example of how biomimicry can drastically improve design

For more images and a full explanation of his discovery, click here.

July 2011

U Energy Solar Launches YouTube Channel

U Energy Solar Launch YouTube Channel

Today, U Energy Solar have launched a YouTube Channel. Here you will find videos about us and relevant to solar power. Please subscribe for regular updates - we will be adding more videos over the next few days - the channel can be found here

Here is the first video, a clip from the BBC2 show, Restoration Homes.


July 2011

Google puts $280 Million in Solar Fund

Google Fund Solar Installations

It has been announced this week that global search engine giant Google have set up a $280million fund to assist residents and businesses local to it's headquarters in Silicon Valley to install solar power systems. You can read more on the National Geographic website here

May 2011

Alistair McGowan - Solar Campaigner

Alistair McGowan - Green Government Should Back Solar

With the government announcing upcoming changes to the Feed In Tariff which will affect large scale solar installations, impressionist and comedian Alistair McGowan has spoken out about the advantages of Solar Power and how the proposed changes would be a step backward for our country.

The speech was given as part of an event held at Hinchley Wood School by 'We Support Solar', a campaign promoting solar power and hoping to achieve the following aims:
We Support Solar

  1. Raise the UK’s solar ambitions to match those of other big EU economies
  2. Leave the solar Feed-in tariff alone for households and communities until 2012
  3. Back community-owned renewables, as the Coalition promised.
These are realistic golas, and you can register your support on their website here - while you are there, there is a full video of Alistair's 'Solar School Assembly' which is empassioned and entertaining. Also, you can find a full interview with the Guardian on this subject here.

May 2011

Renewable Energy Can Power World

solar panels installers uk

It is clearly possible that, in theory, renewable energy sources could provide for all of the worlds power needs. But what about in practice?

A landmark study from the Intergovernmental Panel For Climate Change has examined this as a real solution to the global warming problem and concluded that with the backing of governments worldwide, and enough investment, it is a very viable proposal.

The article has been summarised in the Guardian here, and further information can be found on the IPCC website here.

May 2011

Lindley Based Company Goes Green

Huddersfield Examiner Solar PV Article

Following a visit from one of their reporters last week, the Huddersfield Examiner today featured an article on the U Energy Group. Based around an interview with the Operations Manager, Simon Wibberley, the article provides an insight into the company and what we are trying to achieve. 

The full article can be downloaded as a PDF here.  

April 2011

Climate Change: A Guide For The Perplexed

New Scientist - Climate Change Guide

For most people, climate change is a major concern, and plays an important part in making the descision to install solar power systems in their home. 

Finding reliable and accurate information on a subject as complicated as this can be difficult. Although this article from New Scientist is slightly dated, it provides some of the most balanced information available and evaluates numerous sources to offer some genuinely informative conclusions. This is twenty minutes of any prospective buyer of solar PV that would not be wasted.


April 2011

The sun is our only truly renewable energy source

Wind Turbine Head Large

On the 30th March, New Scientist published an article entitled "Wind and wave energies are not renewable after all", a title which they later changed to "Wind and Wave farms could affect Earth's energy balance". The reason for the change being that the original title was misleading. However, the article remained the same and reports the same findings.

More appropriate to our news section is this editorial written in response to the article, "The Sun is our only truly renewable energy source", which succinctly explains the advantages of solar power over other types of renewable energy. Both articles are a worthwhile read and go much further in their explainations than our FAQ section. 

March 2011

U Energy Website Online

U Energy Logo

Welcome to the U Energy website, and more specifically, it's news section. Here we will endeavour to provide you with all the latest information relating to solar power - from news about our installations to massive industry announcements.

To recieve regular updates or be alerted to new articles you can befriend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.