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About U Energy

U-Energy is installing the solar photovoltaics since 2010 and competing for excellence in the installation, from simple familial to industrial viable applications. We have the most well experienced staff and experts, making U-Energy the leading installer of Solar Photovoltaics of the current time. The qualified and well experienced engineers at U-Energy ensures you that your Solar Panels are in good hand with safe and sound installation, giving you a real satisfaction and environment friendly. The perfection in the installation, its reliability and guarantee of the installed system, at your service makes U-Energy unique among all Photovoltaic installers. Furthermore, the installation of escalating solar PV system requires perfect installation to your building that can sustain for a long time and give you a good return of your wise investment and this perfect installation depends on number of complex variables that our team meets competently. The roofs being used for installation are often found with many problems, which are efficiently handled with highly qualified team of U-Energy. Sometimes Photovoltaic Panels needs to be modified according to their installation configuration, which our engineers take in hand expertly. Moreover, during installation phase, we provide you at your honorable service a well trained and experienced electrician, who will not only ensure the safer and sound required connections but will also give you the surety that your micro-generators are connected to the grid carefully. In case of Solar Thermal installation, our specialized plumber will provide his assistance in assuring the ideal supply of hot water and also making it secure for your secure home. Here at U-Energy, our sponsored team takes into account your opinions, to design and structuralize the solar panels to be installed for your property, according to your needs to give you a maximum benefit and satisfaction, which is our basic priority. The U-Energy always uses the highest quality solar panels, which are made from preeminent class manufacturers and our customer can ask at any time about any of the suppliers or parts, utilized. The technology we are using at U-Energy, guarantees you for each of its module used in PV panel for aleast 20 years and for most of its panels for more than 25 years. The technology used is far advance than that used in Japan, 40 years ago and still producing the electricity, this means our solar panels of today’s technology would be capable of producing energy at least for 40 years or more likely, you can say more than that. U-Energy is sure, that we are using the most eminent quality of Solar PV panels. We inspire our consumer from their inner satisfaction and the service we provide them with our perfection and we are more than happy from many customers that have used us in the past, and are benefitted with their purchase of U- Energy. Request your free, no obligation quote by contacting us through one of the channels on this page.