Voltage Optimization

Reducing energy consumption is key to cutting bills, lowering carbon emissions and reducing exposure to fluctuating energy prices. To help you do this, U Energy supply a range of energy saving products to help you achieve your targets. Voltage Optimisation is one of the most effective ways of saving money quickly.

Why optimise your voltage?

Most incoming UKvoltages are not at the 240V we recognise, but fluctuate across a range between 216V and 253V with an average of 242V. Most electrical equipment operates most effectively at 220V.  Reducing this higher than needed incoming mains voltage saves you money; you make a power saving because you are using less electricity.

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Why choose U Energy?

U Energy units intelligently manage voltage by monitoring the mains voltage supply and power demand of the building, adjusting output automatically. This enables the electricity supply to better match the needs of appliances and the building at all times. Thus, resulting in greater efficiency, significantly reduced wasted energy and savings on energy bills.

Is voltage optimisation suitable for your building?

Every building is different so the level of savings will vary, however any building that uses electrical appliances and lighting should be considered for voltage optimisation. Checks should be made to establish the existing mains voltage supply level. Whilst the UK supply is typically around 240Volts, some properties could be lower and therefore voltage optimisation may not always be suitable. 

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