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It seems that these days, pretty much anything adds to your carbon footprint, although the installation of solar panels is a way of lessening your carbon impact on the world.

The definition of your carbon footprint is that it's the amount of carbon dioxide you cause through your everyday activities and the appliances in your home. In the UK, the average footprint per person is 9.8 tonnes, which is comparatively huge compared to the worldwide average of 4 tonnes. To combat climate change, the worldwide average needs to reduce by 2 tonnes. There are numerous ways of improving your carbon footprint, including not taking the car, adopting a vegan diet and taking more consideration as to the appliances you use at home. By 2020, the government has committed to reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions by between 26-32%. In addition, they are wanting to change the situation so the UK is less reliant on North Sea energy and can be more self sufficient.

Large initiatives to make sure the public are informed about energy efficiency are currently being taken by the government, and by now, most will have the correct insulation in their home, which can knock 40% off the carbon emissions of a house. Low energy lights bulbs are also a major contributor to the decrease of carbon emissions. In concurrency with this, the government is looking to implement renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power to greater effect, and micro generation (the use of lots of smaller generators) in the National Grid.

In order to lower the cost of the installation of renewable energies, the Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform has made the Low Carbon Buildings Program. This provides a variety of different people with the means to reduce their Carbon footprint, and enables people to apply for grants.

U Energy are experts in the field of reducing your carbon footprint through the implementation of solar energy, and our advisors are on hand at all times to discuss options for your more sustainable, cheaper and greener future.